Transport & Topography

A comprehensive picture of Australia’s transport infrastructure and unique topography.

From road and rail networks to national parks, lakes and rivers, Transport & Topography details Australia’s transport infrastructure and topography. The dataset presents location information relating to people, activities and resources.


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More Information

Transport & Topography includes roads, rail networks, national parks, lakes and rivers.

It is underpinned by a road centreline layer of over 2.7 million kilometres of roads, together with more than 30 feature types within transport, hydrology and green space themes. The Transport & Topography dataset covers:

  • roads – a national coverage of network roads at all levels within Australia from major highways to outback tracks, new roads and changes to current roads.
  • airports – all aspects of airport infrastructure within Australia, including all airports from international to local landing strips.
  • rail – the national rail network, as well as tram lines, are provided in one layer with a separate layer showing railway stations.
  • hydrology – major and minor water bodies such as oceans, lakes, dams, rivers and major water supply infrastructure such as pipes.
  • green space – recreational parks as well as national parks, golf courses, botanical gardens and other reserves.

What is this dataset used for?

Better service delivery - to undertake service delivery analysis, including remoteness indexing and service centre location placement.

Emergency management - authoritative national information about highways, main roads, coastlines, major drainage, railway line and key locality points is critical to emergency response planning, management and delivery.

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