PSMA Cloud

A dynamic web service integrates with business applications and delivers location intelligence to business processes.

PSMA Cloud is the original SOAP web service enabling businesses and governments to integrate PSMA data into their products and processes.

It has enabled organisations to leverage the value of location intelligence.

PSMA Cloud is evolving and these benefits, and more, are available through the Geoscape Developer APIs. These APIs access a wider range of location data, while also being simpler RESTful and JSON APIs. 

Most organisations require location intelligence, yet some only require specific data at certain times. These services allow you to choose when and how to call on data, eliminating the need to build infrastructure to support and maintain complete location datasets.

PSMA Cloud is used to:

  • enhance existing business processes, workflows and applications.
  • connect with additional third-party datasets.
  • expand data options without maintenance costs.

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Featured Address Services

Address lookup and geocoding. Geocode lookup (reverse geocode). Batch address processing.



G-NAF is the trusted geocoded address database for Australian businesses and governments. Updated quarterly.

G-NAF Live

G-NAF Live is a database of the most current authoritative addresses provided to PSMA by the state and territory address custodians. Updated daily.

Postal Address File

The PAF (Postal Address File) is a database of Australian postal addresses. It includes a Delivery Point Identifier (DPID). Updated quarterly.

Web Feature Services (WFS) queries

Return geographical and administrative features for a given location (geocode).

The PSMA Administrative Boundaries dataset contains boundaries in eight digitally represented themes including Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) boundaries, electoral boundaries, locality boundaries and local government areas.

PSMA CadLite provides a graphical representation of land parcel and property boundaries.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Collection Districts (2006), Local Government Areas (LGA), Natural Resource Management Regions (NRMR), Tourism Regions.

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