Spatial representation and information about the millions of legal land parcels across Australia.

CadLite provides spatial representation and information about legal land parcels across Australia.

This dataset is a graphical index of digital cadastral boundaries.


CadLite Metadata Statement

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PSMA’s CadLite dataset provides a spatial representation of millions of legal land parcels across Australia. CadLite draws on state and territory data to provide a seamless national database of cadastral boundaries, excluding easements and road drainage easements. CadLite also identifies the three relationships that exist between a property and a cadastral parcel:

  • One cadastral parcel is equal to one property.
  • Many cadastral parcels make up one property.
  • One cadastral parcel contains many properties.

CadLite’s graphical index of digital cadastral boundaries also includes an identifier for cross-referencing between jurisdictional land titles and other geographic and land administrative data.

What is this dataset used for?

Efficient work planning – so infrastructure and utility service providers can understand the location and layout of a land parcel to help decide how best to deploy a work team.

Informed site selection – so organisations can select appropriate sites for services, such as retail or community service centres, Census analysis, Centrelink support, health information, transport and regional development.

Land use changes – for examining urbanisation changes to provide the spatial representation of land ownership types for cadastral parcels, and show changes in land use.

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