Administrative Boundaries

The most comprehensive national collection of government, statistical and electoral boundaries for Australia.

PSMA Australia’s Administrative Boundaries dataset provides authoritative government, statistical and electoral boundaries for Australia.


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PSMA Administrative Boundaries dataset is Australia’s most comprehensive national collection of:

  • Government boundaries, incorporating state and territory boundaries, local government areas, suburbs/localities, wards and town points
  • Statistical boundaries, incorporating Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) boundaries (2011 & 2016)
  • Electoral boundaries, incorporating boundaries regularly updated by the Australian Electoral Commission and equivalent state-based organisations.

This dataset contains boundaries in eight themes, with layers of data to support a wide range of analysis and segmentation activities.

What is the dataset used for?

Profiling – to build profiles of suburbs and wider areas by combining this data with social, demographic, economic and environmental data.

Improved policy and services – to enable organisations to develop more accurate socioeconomic and demographic analysis for policy development and service delivery.

Find nearest – to show internet or mobile phone users the nearest provider of a service or retailer.

Emergency management – to identify areas under threat, recognising evacuation routes.

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