Our latest quarterly update reinforces our reputation as Australia’s most trusted source of geospatial data products.

The August 2018 release of our foundation datasets continues to enhance a range of PSMA products, namely:

These quarterly updates are prepared by our Foundation Data Squad, which collate, standardise and enhance location data received from every Australian state and territory government. By using a variety of GIS systems and visualisation tools the squad manipulate, visualise and re-format data to meet PSMA’s quality specifications.

PSMA’s foundation data is the heart of our business and the reason for our reputation as Australia’s most trusted and accessible source of geospatial data products and services. The maintenance of such data involves significant infrastructure and resource investment, particularly in a country which features an enormous land mass yet small population.

For this reason, our foundation data provides an important contribution to Australia’s digital economy by providing spatial context to business, statistical and crowd-sourced information. We provide a high quality, government-authorised set of datasets for broad use by public, private and community data users.

Our high-quality foundation data contributes to the increasingly complex national information ecosystem which supports key infrastructure, urban planning, government collaboration, telecommunications and emergency management.  We also produce datasets for use in mobile applications and internet-connected devices, including Internet of Things applications and services. These require a different production pipeline to ensure quality and accuracy.

We’re leaders in geospatial technology, data quality and disruption and regularly engage and consult with:

  • local geospatial and tech industries
  • private sector businesses
  • government and ministers at all levels
  • peak industry bodies
  • research institutions
  • global peers, including our sister organisations around the world.

The result is a national aggregate dataset that informs a range of PSMA dataset products.

The value of these regular updates lie in the essential base location data which includes geocoded addressing, roads, land parcels and administrative boundaries. These datasets may be purchased individually or in combination.

Our network of value-added partners (VARs) provide both the raw data and PSMA products which utilise them for specific use. They also develop their own products and services to cater to a diversity of industry, government and community uses throughout Australia.

We encourage you to talk to our VARs about how PSMA data can be used to meet your specific needs. Or contact us at our webform to discuss your requirements.