URBANFINITY turns the world’s leading spatial technology and big data into transformative urban applications, helping cities and businesses find sustainable solutions in a rapidly changing urban environment.



Phone: (02) 9262 4458

Location: 80 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000


URBANFINITY is a spatial intelligence provider that develops innovative urban applications and gives businesses and citizens access to the world’s leading geospatial technology.


With domain expert knowledge in architecture, physics and machine learning, we combine cutting-edge spatial data with advanced machine learning methods to gain insight into complex urban processes and develop innovative and sustainable applications.

We recently developed Australia’s first Sustainability Index and our new Context Map Suite for Architects and Urban Designers.

How PSMA data is used

Our products and services include micro-targeted risk analytics, sustainability valuations and innovative urban development solutions, through our suite of urban analytic tools.

Context Map is our revolutionary new tool for Architects and Urban Planners. It can jump start their project work with a suite of spatial CAD information and smart analysis tools focused on their new site. Our novel technology processes, combines and integrates data from multiple sources, including PSMA Australia’s Geoscape stereo satellite imaging and 2D cadastral measurements, into a design suite of CAD information by providing customisable 3D models and analytics for any new project site instantly — saving design professionals days of work.