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Location: Suite 14, Level 1, 38-42 Pearl St, Kingscliff NSW


The way we use data to make decisions and drive actions is changing. Increasing data volume and coverage, advancements in analytic methods and automated software deployment at scale are enabling ever more complex processes to be transitioned to machines and often improved by orders of magnitude. We operate at the intersection of these trends to help our customer reach new levels of performance and optimize the complex underlying systems that modern societies rely on.

Nuonic is a data analytics firm which provides a range of digital services including proprietary data sets, analysis and software. We source, develop and maintain proprietary data assets which we use to address critical issues for our customers and develop digital intelligence products.

We work with a wide range of public and private organizations to help them make more informed commercial decisions and to make the most of their valuable data assets. Our products include data APIs, automated analytics software and web applications.

Our focus is on combining advanced data analytics with cutting-edge software development and operations methods to automate complex processes with embedded data-driven intelligence. Our mission is to find breakthrough improvements in the complex systems that matter in our society, those that millions of peoples rely on every day, by combining data from multiple sources with advanced analysis methods at scale.