Mapcite are the location intelligence people harnessing complex geospatial data analytics for greater insight. We believe that everyone, every enterprise and organisation can benefit from better access and use of Location Data.

Everything happens somewhere!



Phone: +61 2 8776 3918

Location: Level 7, 92 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000


Mapcite have built a unique geo-spatial platform that combines massive processing and data storage capability with ingenious methods of mobile deployment. Spatial information is the digital connection between people, location, and activities providing insight into the past, present, and the likely future.

Mapcite have an innovative and compelling capability which allows the creation of new data sets from the combination of customer’s data, open data, and our own privately sourced data.


Mapcite’s differentiated value lies in the ease by which we aggregate our client’s disparate data sets, harmonise those with open and other licensed data, to uncover otherwise unseen insights, presented in a visually compelling and easily understood manner.

How PSMA data is used

PSMA data is used both in its inherent form, and to complement and be aggregated with other data sets to address specific business challenges. Those challenges include risk assessment eg catastrophe insurance; resource optimisation eg emergency services deployment and management; or constituent engagement eg personalised marketing.