Estate Agents Co-operative

Estate Agents Co-operative

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Location: 2A/175 James Ruse Drive, Rosehill NSW 2142


Estate Agents Co-operative or EAC was established by a group of seven real estate agents in 1960 to help agencies meet the challenges of the time.

While our purpose hasn’t changed, today we are network of more than close to 400 member offices from independent and franchise agencies, Valuers, Accountants, and other Real Estate related people and businesses, bringing like-minded people together, providing the support you need.

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How PSMA data is used

EAC has been providing marketing & technology solutions to the real estate industry for close to 60 years.

Our Property Data service is designed to cater for both beginners and more advanced property professionals. This service includes our property data, current market information and mapping providing you with the power of data at your fingertips. It allows you to collate up-to-the-moment information surrounding property prices, local area characteristics and demographics, then translate this into actionable insights that help you outperform the competition.

In building our Property database, we have combined many different data sources including the Valuer General Sales, and other Land and Property Information data and listing data as far back as 1986.

Our EAC Maps service allows you to visually locate properties and view an enormous amount of information on the surrounding properties and area. It is fully integrated with the Property Sales Information and Current Market information allowing you to easily display all of the information you need on a comprehensive map that you can customise based on what you want to see.

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