Buildings data now available via API. Check it out.

Query an address, find the buildings located there and obtain data about their attributes.

This is a game changer. You can now access data about any of 8.8 million buildings across Australia, and soon to be more.

The beta version of our Buildings API is now available. It’s based on the buildings theme in our award-winning Geoscape® dataset and is available for FREE. To access the API, register via our Developer Portal, opt-in for the Beta Program and we’ll create a key for you. (If you’ve previously opted into our Beta Program, we’ve already sent you a key. Any problems, let us know.) 

The API lets you look up building attributes using a single address. It takes an address string query, matches it to a known address and returns the address identifier. This is then used to look up buildings at the address, returning the building identifier, which is used to look up attributes of the building.

Building attributes can include:

  • Building footprint – 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional
  • Building centre point
  • Building height
  • Building elevation
  • Roof material
  • Roof pitch/complexity
  • Solar panels on roof
  • Adjacent swimming pool

The Buildings API is built using ReST principles, ensuring predictable URLs and making integration easy. Response output is in JSON.

With the API, you get just the data you need, when you need it, on a transactional basis.

Coverage of Australia by the Buildings API is consistent with coverage by our Geoscape dataset. For more information on the coverage of these products. We’ve just about mapped every building at every address in Australia (Yes, wow!) with coverage expected to be complete by mid-2018.*

So, get your API key, experiment, build your apps and tell us what you think. We want to know the good, the bad and the ugly. Got questions or feedback? Get in touch at [email protected]

(While you’re in our Developer Portal, you might like to try our Predictive Address Verification API too.)

The Buildings API is a game changer for location intelligence. It makes proprietary buildings data, commissioned by PSMA under commercial arrangements, broadly accessible. It enables connectivity, flexibility and scalability of your systems and solutions. It covers the whole of Australia. And it’s the only one of its kind.

Our APIs support the mainstreaming of geospatial data. They make accessing it a low risk commitment, with a potential high return on investment. We aim for spatial data to be included in all systems development to bring location intelligence to your processes and solutions – because everything happens somewhere.

Learn more about the Buildings API.

* Every building with a roof area greater than 9m2.