A dynamic geocoding solution based on GNAF

PSMA’s value-added reseller, Pitney Bowes, announces its premium geocoding solutions for businesses in Australia

Following the Australian Government’s release of G-NAF under open data terms on data.gov.au in February 2016, PSMA’s value-added reseller, Pitney Bowes has launched premium geocoding solutions for businesses in Australia.

As those who have worked with G-NAF will attest, it is a rich and complex database, which is why Pitney Bowes has applied its state-of-the-art location intelligence technology to transform G-NAF data into a dynamic geocoding solution for a range of industries.

Pitney Bowes ANZ Managing Director, Nick Smith, explains:

“In our digitally evolving world, spatial information will continue to influence everything we do, making access to this data increasingly valuable. Pitney Bowes has more than 30 years of spatial expertise and can deliver premium G-NAF and geocoding solutions to help organisations transform complex spatial data for simple and effective use.

”Pitney Bowes supports the government initiative to release the G-NAF data. The public release of G-NAF will remove barriers to greater use of the data, unlock and create opportunities for industry innovation, collaboration and data sharing,” he added.

Pitney Bowes location intelligence solutions turn data into a critical business and operational advantage and help clients to:

  • Gain powerful new customer insights
  • Drive operational efficiencies for business where locational precision and accuracy is critical to success
  • Serve their customer better in the areas of Telecommunications, Retailers, Financial Institutions, Insurance and Government amongst others

For more information on Pitney Bowes’ G-NAF value-added solutions, visit http://www.pitneybowes.com/au/gnaf.html

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