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Software solutions using PSMA Data


Amristar is a leading provider of business process (workflow) automation solutions for corporate and government enterprises. We specialise in the widespread publication of maps and their use for rapid access to business information, using the iDelve and MapWorks hyper-interactive web mapping system.

Our API is well road tested; designed for ease of integration with other GIS and enterprise tools in areas such as ERP, business intelligence & data discovery, asset management, workflow/business process, CRM and other standard enterprise productivity tools.

How PSMA data is used

Amristar web mapping solutions integrate maps, aerial photography and related non-spatial information. An efficient, effective, and user-friendly method of widely publishing massive volumes of information and transacting business on the internet, one of Amristar Solutions' focus areas is developing state-of-the-art internet-based mapping and GIS solutions. With a wealth of experience in leveraging existing data stores and software into advanced web-enabled applications, Amristar develops applications for real estate, town planning, public utilities planning and administration, mining and logistics.

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