PSMA wins industry award

A web mapping solution developed by PSMA Australia has won a major mapping industry award.

The International Map Trade Association (Australia & New Zealand) presented the 2012 Gold Award for Best Internet Website to PSMA Web Map Tiles at an award function held at the association's conference in Brisbane on Monday 9 July. The award was presented to the PSMA Web Map Tiles in recognition of their value in providing standardised visualisation and interoperability based on authoritative government data.

Dan Paull, PSMA Australia's Chief Executive said that the web map tiles are being applied by the Australian Electoral Commission as well as by Geoscience Australia for the Gazetteer of Australia and Australian Spatial Data Directory. PSMA Australia has developed the web map tiles to support public access to spatial information held by Australian governments. For example, where an authoritative map assists the user to understand the geographic context and location of information generated by an enterprise application,’ Dan said. 'PSMA Australia’s incremental updates program will deliver the most up-to-date authoritative web map tiles available for Australia.’

Dan said the tiles are able to be accessed via Open Geospatial Consortium standard OpenGIS web map services (WMS) or through an API developed by PSMA Australia that further simplifies access. The standards ensure it is easy to incorporate the tiles into existing systems and reduce the need for extensive spatial data loading, management and theming as well as providing fast access through a web tile cache.

This is the second major award that PSMA Australia has received this year recognising technology that the organisation has developed in-house. PSMA Systems, a spatial information technology project, received a major international award at the Geospatial World Forum Conference in April 2012. The Geospatial World Policy Award for Exemplary Implementation of Geospatial Policies and Programs was awarded to PSMA Systems in recognition of the technology's role in significantly improving and streamlining the mechanism for collection, assembly and delivery of fundamental geospatial information for Australia.

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